When you’re making your thing, what do you leave on the cutting room floor? How do you make those cuts? Why? Can you do anything with the “scraps”?

Have we replaced a cultural mindset with a memeset? Not sure where I’m going with this yet, just popped into my head, but I may keep noodling on it.

At what point does a consensus become general?

A Series of Questions on Admiration

Do we admire people for having wealth or for how they accumulated it? Do we admire brands for what they sell or how they sell it? Do we admire people for what they built or how they built it? Do we admire brands for their mission or for their motive(s)? Do we admire people for having large …

How do you teach kids misinformation? How do you teach kids how to fact check something? How do you teach kids how to look at the source and to know where the information is coming from? Toni Cowan-Brown https://another-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/wondering-about-generative-ai-6ITzQzSR Are …

Any knowledge that doesn't lead to new questions quickly dies out: it fails to maintain the temperature required for sustaining life. Wisława Szymborska https://jamesclear.com/3-2-1/october-20-2022

How do large, street fair-type events impact restaurant traffic for the places located within “festival grounds”?

What’s the deal with airport codes? Listen and learn

On Questioning

Or, how I end up down a rabbbit hole. As may be apparent by now if you’ve been reading my stuff for a bit, questions are a driving factor of sorts for me. What’s new in digital advertising? How’s the economy looking? Who got hacked today? Do I need to update something? What are …

That thing you’re planning, is it an extension? Or “just” a souvenir? via Seth

What's Your Bronco?

As a follow up to the F-150 post: what’s your Bronco? What’s that thing you stopped doing, that product you stopped making, that service you stopped offering that people have always wanted you to bring back? What’s the cult favorite you can’t quite shake from your reputation? (No, I’m not talking …

What's Your F-150?

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the US, and has been for 40 years. It’s Ford’s bread and butter. It practically is Ford at this point. Every other vehicle in the Ford portfolio can lose money and the company can still make money because of the F-150. As Seth Godin points out, it sells …

Why is the “tear here” part of a bag / package / box always the strongest part?

It’s always great to solve a problem. But sometimes worth asking if the problem actually needs to be solved (at least by you). Is this a problem that needs to be solved? Or is it a problem that can be eliminated all together? James Clear https://jamesclear.com/3-2-1/july-28-2022

Instead of asking yourself, “What should I do first?” Try asking, “What should I neglect first?” Trim, edit, cull. Make space for better performance. James Clear https://jamesclear.com/3-2-1/august-4-2022

Why Do We Have Phillips Head Screws?

As a DIY Dabbler™ and a User of Power Tools™, I have interfaced with many a screw (the fastener kind, get your mind out of the gutter). In most cases (at least until recently, I think) your options were usually flat head or phillips head. I do not have the patience for flat heads. So phillips head …

What are mosquitoes for?