The Evolving Ecosystem that is Earth will require us passegners of Spaceship Earth to adjust and adapt. Both our expectations and baselines along with our behaviors.

A big part of that is going to be agriculture: what we plant and what we eat.

It pmoises to be easy and well-understood and fairly represented by all. 🙄

Purely from a crop standpoint, the answer in many cases will be to go native and go perennial (the bane of the monopolist monocropper).

So kill your lawn, plant for pollinators, and check out Kernza (as an example).

Kernza is a perennial wheatgrass with roots that go down 10+ feet (compared to 6 inches). This allows for cultivation and harvest without having to scrape the soil every year to start from scratch (sometimes literally in terms of the nutrients left in the soil).

You may not be able to / want to grow it, but you can still use its harvest. (My order will be on its way soon.)

Sometimes the best technology is the indigenous technology (looking at you, wildfire “control”).

via Rolf Potts on the Cool Tools podcast