How much data do you need to be certain?

Do you need to be certain to make a decision?


Why are AI generated images for “certain” so ominous?

Chain link fencing and barbed wire and ominous amulets in a strange language.

how StableDiffusion visualizes the word certain. an imperfect circle, almost like a clay tablet, inscribed with "Cararraar ates". The left half of the background is a similar gray color and concrete like texture to the interior of the circle. the right half of the background is an abstract pattern in green, akin to weaving and tribal tattoosHow DALL-E2 visualizes "certain" in 4 images. two are close ups of chain link fencing, one is a close up of a barbed wire barb. for all 3 of these the backgrounds are mostly grass and maybe another layer of the highlighted material. the 4th is a blue wall (i guess) that looks kind of like a ship hull with "CERTN" written in somewhat smudged and dripping black paint.