I hope you like canned ham, because it’s about to get digitized and supersized.

  • The Republican National Committee asked Google to keep their emails out of spam, Google agreed and implemented a solution, now the RNC is suing Google because it didn’t work well enough. Doesn’t matter if users said they didn’t want the emails, they need to get them.
  • Twitter’s blue checks may soon be for sale, for $8 a month. I get that the old system for verification (whatever it was) was probably not great and made it another weird cultural status symbol, but this seems ripe for scams and spam.
  • TikTok and Facebook failed a test of their election misinformation readiness. Probably not a big deal considering confident predictions of tampering efforts.

The witches’ brew of poor media and misinformation literacy, large platforms’ transition to “discovery engines,” weaponization of “free speech” as a term, shoddy content moderation systems, and pay-to-play nature of many attention engines for brand content has us in a frothy spot for content delivery. Network effects and scale don’t only apply to quality content.