The National History Museum (in London) posted the entries from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Sometimes the most surreal looking art is “simply” a photograph.

Heavenly Flamingos by Junji Takasago. A flock of flamingos standing in a lake perfectly reflecting the sky, appearing as if they are in a cloud kingdom.Underwater wonderland by Tiina Tormanen. Fish swimming through sand clouds that make it appear as if they are flying through the sky (one of my favorite surrealist images)Lake Illusion by Paul Mckenzie. An aerial photo looking down at a small green island in a lake of blue, looking almost like crumpled navy blue paper, with a bunch of white ducks scattered like white tick marks.Seaweed symmetry by Alex Mustard. A photo of seaweed arranged as multicolored stripes, like a minimalist or textile art piece.