It’s pretty common, that thing that you do becomes boring. Obvious. Common place. Common sense. Common knowledge.

We're no longer critically listening like we should be. Because we're in fact zoning out on whether or not the audience is actually getting the critical information they need. We know what the critical information is: we've been dealing with it for months.

But only to you.

That’s the part that’s commonly forgotten.

What’s boring to you might be fascinating to someone else. One person’s trash, another’s treasure, and all all that.

So in a sense, we have to challenge ourselves daily – and we certainly do this in sound – to try to remove ourselves from that equation and re-inject ourselves with a fresh perspective to see if we're actually making clear dialogue such that the audience understands it.

These quotes are from a piece on the reasons why dialogue is harder to hear in movies. Where the quality of the product is diminished by the curse of knowledge.

It may not be the same level for your thing. But what else can you do with what seems obvious and boring?