I’ve begun thinking of the different pieces of marketing strategy and the martech stack as Legos (mostly because I love Legos and it makes thinking about it (even) more fun), so when I ran across this idea from Lola Ojabowale I was quickly sold:

Business legos!

These are all the pieces of business functionality you can now assemble to create a company without having to build that expertise and functionality in-house. I think we'll see more services (ie, fractional teams you can work with) and products (ai copywriters, code generators, etc.) that'll let people do more with fewer resources. And all of that will enable more permissionless entrepreneurship.

An idea further explained in this video:

It feels like a logical step in the cycle of bundling and unbundling. Or deconstructing and reconstructing.

Opportunities arise when friction can be removed or existing solutions can be improved upon. And each opportunity realized creates yet more opportunities. Like a hydra of opportunities that hopefully leads to a future where more people can live their art.