A topic du jour is is the idea of data portability, or users owning their data in a way that they can move it between platforms as they see fit. Or allowing them to monetize it by essentially renting it out to the existing ad platforms for targeting and delivery purposes.

This is what a lot of crypto social (maybe dsocial for decentralized social is a better name?) purports to address. In the context of social, the tricky part comes from determining who owns the intersections of individual users' social graphs that these platforms rely on for network effects (does a post like belong to the liker or the liked (this is an issue Benedict Evans raises a lot in terms of how data sovereignty for things like GDPR are supposed to function)).

A layer below this is the idea of personal algorithms and AIs.

The near future version: how a decentralized layer atop Twitter could function by allowing different clients to apply their own algorithms to the fire hose, letting users select their experience based on their preferred flavor of recommendation and curation engines.

The less near future version: AI algorithms that adapt to our individuality and preferences to become cyborg-like extensions. A simple version would be an Alexa that learns with every interaction and allows you to develop a shorthand. A complex version could be a multi-platform (AR + voice + VR + on-device) layer that intermediates your experience with the world of each device via a complex shorthand and predetermined preference filters.

It could be like a personal reference librarian. It could be a hellscape spawned from the equivalent of feeding current social media algorithms an all you can eat buffet of steroids and antibiotics.

And somewhere in between all this is the potential future of search: private and personalized.

(Honestly, this feels like something Apple should already be able to do via Siri. Maybe another example of them squandering an early mover advantage like podcasts?)

Filing is already being replaced by search. Shouldn’t search then become more robust and more personal for us?