And how does focus shift with revenue considerations?

If you are acquiring tens or hundreds of millions of users with a new kind of service, and they are attributing value and attention to you, and the users, attention and value have network effects and hence probably winner-takes-all effects, and if they come with little or no marginal cost, then the revenue can and probably should come later. It is probably more important to focus on building the value than making money from the value - revenue is a feature, and you should build it later.

All 4 platforms mentioned (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (PIFT)) have, at some point, turned on the revenue stream to remain a going concern. Everyone has to make money at some point.

The actions you take and decisions you make when focusing on user growth via building network effects are very different from those you make when focusing on revenue growth and quarterly earnings (or lack thereof lately).

They say “what got you here, won’t get you there,” but what about who you got here with, will they keep going with you?

Social platforms are literally built on the backs of users. Viewing them as a revenue stream can pervert the incentives in a way that erodes what drew them to a platform in the first place. A shifting focus can shift the relationship, and it’s usually only realized when it’s too late.