Some various threads I collected yesterday. Maybe some will be woven together into something else in the future, or maybe they will remain the detritus of intellectual woolgathering.

From Seth Godin’s recent return to The Moment podcast with Brian Koppleman: Using a gas powered leaf blower for one hour is the equivalent of driving a Chevy from New York to Cali.

Also from The Moment:

Urgent and important doesn’t necessarily mean immediate. If the world is going to end in 50 years, “that’s fucking urgent.”

More Seth knowledge:

We think the Earth is worth $10,000, 100 years from now. We would sell the total destruction of the entire planet 100 years from now, for $10,000 today.

From Nick Cave:

Jesus roamed the land expressing what were, at the time, considered dangerous and heretical ideas. He was literally the embodiment of the terrifying idea… These impossible, dangerous ideas – to love your enemy, to love the poor, to forgive others – were terrifying and unconscionable and forbidden in His day,

From stacy-marie ishmael:

There is so much to learn from being present.

There are so many ways to be absent. Sometimes loud, sometimes silent.

We’ll end with a bit of sci-fi from Marcelo Rinesi (spoiler alert):

It didn’t occur to you that the software may be working well until your locked gun fired itself at a mirror making a bullseye on your forehead’s reflection.