Due to the combination of: 1) suffering from imposter syndrome (because I’m human) 2) priding myself on curiosity and 3) deciding I should write more on the internet (including things where I act like a I “consume” a lot of “content”), I decided to track how much “content” I “consumed” for 11 days (guess I should have mentioned being a bit of a data nerd).

I counted any blog posts/articles I read to completion (or at least the vast majority); emails that were not correspondance, spam, strictly work, etc. (this does, however, include link curation type emails); podcasts (completed or started / finished / progressed); and books / zines. These numbers don’t include any of the above that I quickly ditched after sampling, the few mindless scrolls through Instagram, or the Twtter binges around Celtics games.

So, for the 11 day period starting April 25, my daily averages were:

  • almost 13 podcast episodes
  • 25 posts
  • 15 emails
  • A smattering of social posts or videos that felt like a platform-native version of one of the above
  • Various parts of 10 books and 1 zine

A lot of these numbers were probably pushed up by poetry, webcomics, and daily bloggers.