Craig Mod wrote a portrait of a life dedicated to craftsmanship, care, and charisma. It’s great. I want to meet Den.

And (because I have to sully nice things) it made me think about customer experience and marketing. (Blame Craig, he said “guerilla marketing” in it.)

The best marketing is not the kind you get by spending a lot or being really clever or partnering with just the right influencer. It’s the kind earned from an amazing customer experience. From building trust, overdelivering, and treating people like humans. (Is it weird that these can feel like novel concepts these days?). From focusing on your customer experience and using that focus to inform every other part of your marketing efforts (if you need them).

I’ll let Corey Haines take it from there (but reserve the right to revisit this (you can also read nearly anything Seth Godin has written)).