In the recent Rabbbits Weeekly I wrote about the “micro-yes” and how one dude applied it to his email pop-up to triple his conversion rate.

TL;DR: add a yes/no style question before showing the email field to prime them to say “yes.” (it also seems like it might provide a nicer UX by coming across less pushy?)

One part that I recently thought about from another side is this:

The list continues but you get the idea.

So, what’s the other side?

Whether or not the “micro-yes” works, these are all still inflection points where you are trying to get the person to say “yes”.

Yes, I will actually look at this ad.
Yes, I will click on it to learn more.
Yes, I will scroll through this product page.
Yes, I will read reviews.
Yes, I will add it to my cart.

How do you design these touchpoints so that people want to say “yes” to them?

Maybe instead of “how do we get them to do this?” it’s “how do we get them to say ‘yes’ to this?” (in a non-manipulative, dark pattern way, of course).