Mark Zuckerberg so famously said, “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity.”

This is a) wrong and b) feels like it sheds some light on The Zuck™

My first thought is: how one dimensional can you be to believe this? But also, how apt a belief for a man that built one of the preeminent performative platforms of the modern era, where posting frequency is king. Your identity is your timeline.

My second (and related) thought is: no wonder he wants to create a new reality in the Metaverse™. Where social interactions are mediated by a screen. (The weird thing here is “identity” in the Meta unveiling video appears visually fluid but I assume locked to one “real” account identity, which seems questionable on the integrity front by his standard).

(speaking of changed tunes, I can’t find the link but Facebook Meta recently started recommending people create two profiles to better manage and optimize their interests across friends/family and brands, of whatever (tbh I stopped listening to this part of the podcast I heard it in because it sounded dumb and I barely want one profile))

a loop of mark zuckerberg drinking water like a robot
why would this man want to live in a virtual reality?

My conspiracy theory thought: just as Jeff Bezos appears(/ed?) to be using Emile Zola’s A Ladies Paradise as the operating manual for Amazon growth (I got the book so more on this later) maybe Zuck is using Ready Player One. And starting by creating the dystopia that makes everyone turn to the Metaverse virtual reality. :places tinfoil hat on head:

more (and better) and one vs. multiple identities online

Desus & Mero’s hilarious take on the Meta announcement (crude humor and language warnings)