Hey, I’m Kyle,

Welcome to my curious corner of the internet. Happy full wolf moon.

I read and listen to a lot of stuff, then think about it, and then chase rabbbits down various mental wormholes. This is my attempt to turn these meanderings into something more coherent and share them with the world (or, you know, whoever reads it).

pinky and the brain try to take over the world gif

If forced I would say this newsletter/blog/experiment will be about marketing. At least a majority of the time. At least 51% of the time for sure.

But not about growth hacking or nitty-gritty tactics (nothing wrong with either, just not what I’m planning on rambling on about here). Maybe some strategy, some cut-rate Seth Godin-esque pieces, other ideas, weird dot connecting a la Charlie Day.

charlie day in front of his murder board gif

You know, your basic Chasing Rabbbits Philosophy of Marketing™ (coming soon?).

Or maybe it won’t be about any of that. I’m making this all up as I go.

I like the idea of having a unifying theme. Or a personal monopoly. But I chose this name for a reason.

I’m just chasing rabbbits and seeing where they take me.

But (lest I leave you without some nugget to keep this newsletter on its proposed theme for at least one week) here is a marketing tenant I’ve been turning over, polishing, and coming back to for a few years now:

Marketing is like design (at least according to some popular internet quotes). Bad marketing is what gets noticed for all the wrong reasons and annoys people — we usually call this “advertising”. Good marketing is nearly invisible — helping the customer reach a decision they are happy with and doing it in such a way that they think they made it on their own.

A key first step in realizing this vision is: don’t suck.

Maybe I’ll touch more on that later. For now, good rabbbit chasing.