1. For anything you want to complete, break it down into small manageable tasks — and tackle them one at a time.
  2. Drink at least a glass of water in the morning …
  3. Spend time in nature more often.
  4. Whatever you’ve been putting off, start it this year.
  5. Learn from people smarter than you
  6. Get rid of clutter one day at a time.
  7. In life, you are either paying for anything with money, time or attention. Spend your limited resources prudently. It’s a daily choice.
  8. Don’t stop questioning almost everything.
  9. Take your daily experiences, events and activities seriously.
  10. Always bring ice to house parties (there’s never enough).
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  12. It might sound obvious, but a pint of water before bed after a big night avoids a clanger of a hanger.
  13. Look closely.
  14. Always be willing to miss the next train.
  15. Eat meat once a week, max. Ideally less.
  16. Be polite to rude strangers – it’s oddly thrilling.
  17. Ask questions, and listen to the answers.
  18. Connect with nature: stand outside barefoot for a few minutes – even when it’s cold.
  19. Join your local library – and use it.
  20. Read a poem every day.
  21. Learn how to floss properly.
  22. Learn the basics of repairing your clothes.
  23. Learn the names of 10 trees.
  24. Every so often, search your email for the word “unsubscribe” and then use it on as many as you can.
  25. Drop your shoulders.
  26. Make something from scratch. Works best if it’s something you’d normally buy, such as a dress or a bag.
  27. Go to bed earlier
  28. Volunteer.
  29. Don’t save things for “best”. Wear them – enjoy them.
  30. Respect your youngers.
  31. Keep your keys in the same place.
  32. Always book an extra day off after a holiday.
  33. Ignore the algorithm – listen to music outside your usual taste.
  34. Learn how to breathe deeply: in through the nose, out through the mouth, making the exhale longer than the inhale.
  35. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off.
  36. Give compliments widely and freely.

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