Chasing Rabbbits

Hey, I'm Kyle.

Curious human, marketing strategist, avid reader and listener, inveterate thinker, and, now, occasional writer.

I ask myself a lot of questions (like: "what are mosquitos for?" and "what exactly are 'retail sales'?") and, sometimes, I even try to answer them.

Chasing Rabbbits* is the digital warren I've dug out for myself where I can report back on the various rabbbit chases I venture out on down rabbbit holes around (amongst other things): marketing, economics, tech, behavior, nature, and various bits of wisdom and threads of interest I collect along the way.

If you'd like to chase rabbbits with me, you can check out:

My Most Recent Newsletter

Rabbbits Weeekly: Earnings Tricks & Treats - Earnings were announced, acquisitions were made, and an ad policy kerfuffle. Plus, more headlines and things about the æconomy, algorithms, ads, retails, analytics and attack vectors.

*yes, the three b thing is intentional